Strip Out

strip out services


We regularly complete multiple floor strip outs.

Our 20 trained full-time managers and supervisors maintain the standards and safety and with multiple trucks from hard access small tippers to hook trucks and furniture removal trucks we have what is required for any project.

We understand waste removal and the use of loading docks both in the day and night. We can manage strip outs and waste removal 24 hours a day to suit all environments. We have access to experienced staff for high volume short window load outs and the trucks to move the waste.


We have all the equipment to remove waste from hard access environments. We have a fleet over 15 trucks ranging in size from small hard access to heavy duty skip trucks.

We have a large waste removal truck for loading 660 bins fast limiting taking valuable loading dock space. We regularly complete multiple floor projects and can manage any load out situation. Our sorting yard means we can sort and recycle all types of office waste and provide proof with our environmental reports.

No matter what the size or the access we can guarantee high standards and meet programs.