Ademco Solutions – House of Experts for Hassle-Free Demolition

People need demolitions for different reasons. The most common cause is to replace an existing property with new development. Besides, others choose to use this service to remove part of their properties, maintaining some part of the original structure intact while making way for the new extension. No matter the need, a good demolition service provider, can simplify your job.

We are the demolition service providers with a team of expert demolition contractors whom both the residential and commercial property owners rely on for years. We also have a strong reputation for offering the best quality services within the client’s desired timeframe without exceeding their budgets. Each of our clients is different. So, we customise the demolition plans to find the right solution for everyone.

At Ademco Solutions, we aim to provide all our clients with a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish. Getting approvals from the authorities in private agencies or local councils is our priority before starting the demolition work.


With over 20 years of experience, Ademco Solutions have mastered the use of the best equipment and tools in the market so that your construction demolition is completed in the given time frame.

Contact us to talk to our consultant to avail the benefits of hiring us. Ademco Solutions can make sure you get the right house demolition for the right price.

Ademco Solutions, Australia is licenced to remove both friable asbestos and non-friable (bonded) asbestos.

Our customer service, commitment to safety, knowledge, and affordability are the things that set us apart from other demolition contractors operating in Australia. Besides, with the help of a team of professional demolition contractors, we can manage almost any size of projects. Here we also match the machinery to our client’s requirements, making every job unique and personal. Our company’s staff members are also trained in all the latest equipment ranges to ensure complete satisfaction and fluidity.


Ademco Solutions strive to build a better future for residents in Australia. We are a team of dedicated professionals who ensure meeting your expectations and beyond maintaining our high standards and quality services.

We maintain the highest standards for demolition:

The demolition service and standards offered by the expert demolition contractors of our company never diminishes. We deliver quality regardless of the longevity or cost of the job. Irrespective of the job size, we always assign expert and fully trained demolition contractors to every project, who follow all the safety precautions and timelines, maintain friendly faces and affordable costs throughout the project. Each project that we take up is completed with a high level of proficiency.

We choose each demolition contractor of our company based on the specialisation in working on different demolition projects. And to maintain additional security, we survey the demolition site thoroughly before starting the project and the surrounding areas to ensure extra safety.

What makes us different?

  1. Personal and dedicated service: As one of Australia’s leading demolition companies, we have all the techniques and experience required for delivering perfect results every time. Our specialisation offers personal and dedicated service to every client. This helps us offer the most reliable and best quality residential and commercial demolition service customised for our client’s property and requirements.
  2. Professional Services within Budget: Unlike other demolition services, we offer you the highest quality without burning a hole in your pockets. We are fully licensed (AD 212816) and work with our clients and expert’s complete safety. We assure you; our services are accessible to all. Our demolition contractors have been in the industry for several years and perform the job scheduled within the given time frame.