Located in New South Wales’ Blue Mountains region, the small town of Springwood can be found 72km outside of the Sydney CBD. Springwood has a population of just under 9000 people, including the Oryang-Ora Aboriginal people – the first occupants of the land – who belong to the wider Darug Aboriginal tribe. With the World Heritage site of the Greater Blue Mountains and the Blue Mountains national park just around the corner, there’s plenty of natural beauty to take in around Springwood NSW.

The Springwood area is serviced by Ademco Solutions. With over 10 years experience in the asbestos removal industry, we know how to get the job done right!

Our services include:

Residential Demolition: Priding ourselves on professional service and flexibility, Ademo Solutions have over 25 years of experience in commercial demolition in the Sydney area. Our fleet of tough and reliable heavy machinery allows us to get the job done on time and on budget.

Commercial Demolition: We can demolish any commercial building and ensure the entire process is safe for everyone involved. With 25+ years of demolition experience and a fleet of heavy machinery and demolition equipment, we’ll complete your commercial demolition on time and on budget.

Industrial Demolition: Our priority is always to make sure our sites are safe. Industrial demolition often requires a more controlled approach and Ademco Solutions can offer that higher level of compliance. Our expertly trained operators will ensure all appropriate council documentation is signed off and everything is carried out in accordance with Australian standards, regulations and codes of practice.

Excavation: This includes land clearing, landfill, tree removal, uprooting, pool removal and more. Servicing the greater Sydney area, we’ve worked on a variety of excavation projects - each with their own challenges. Ademco understands the importance of a tailored approach for each job to minimise the hassle for you.

Asbestos Testing: Our asbestos testing lab provides a complete suite of testing, inspection and compliance services. Our depth of knowledge and experience allows us to identify and quantify (soils only) all types of asbestos

Asbestos Removal: Our asbestos testing lab offers a range of different testing options including identification of all types of asbestos products. Ademco offers inspection, compliance gap analysis, consultancy and advice.

Asbestos Encapsulation: Want a more cost-effective solution that doesn’t disturb the asbestos? Encapsulation acts to ‘lock-in’ dangerous fibres within a permanent, seamless, durable and waterproof membrane. This prevents any further release of harmful asbestos into the air.

Asbestos Pick Up: We service the entire greater Sydney area. Avoid the large fines of transporting asbestos without a licence and let Ademco Solutions take care of it for you. If you’ve got asbestos on your property that you need to dispose of, we’ll pick it up and safely deliver it to a registered asbestos waste disposal centre.

Asbestos Clearance Certificate: In NSW, clearance certificates are required as part of workplace health and safety regulations. An asbestos clearance certificate lets you know that visible asbestos fragments posing a significant health risk have been safely removed from the area. This also includes the transit routes to and from the removal site.

Strip Out: Ademco Solutions perform strip outs and waste removals 24 hours a day in all sorts of environments. Our fleet of over 15 trucks travel all around Sydney, ranging in size from smaller specialised vehicles to heavy duty skip trucks that are equipped to remove waste from hard access environments.

Contaminated Soil Removal: Contaminated soil can mean big problems for a construction project. We provide removal and remediation clean-up services for all construction sites with appropriate access and space.

Concrete Slab Removal:Ademco Solutions will teach you how to best tackle your situation. Showing you how to break up a slab into smaller pieces, cut through steel reinforcements, and then remove and dispose of the concrete properly.

Need our help? Call us today on 0432929292 for a free consultation or email info@ademcosolutions.com.au. With over 10 years of experience, you know that you’re getting a reliable and professional level of service with Ademco Solutions.

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