Have you had Asbestos Removed? Then you need an Asbestos Clearance Certificate.

In many states such as NSW, Workplace Health & Safety Regulations require an Asbestos Clearance Certificate when asbestos is removed. Whether it is a workplace or someone’s house, it the amount of asbestos removed is 10 square meters or more, then it likely that a certificate is required, depending on the state regulations.

The purpose of the Asbestos Clearance Certificate is to ensure that all visible asbestos fragments posing a significant health risk have been removed, this also includes the transit routes to and from the removal area. A visual inspection is one method to verify that the asbestos has been removed from the area. Other verification methods in settled dust sampling and asbestos air testing.

An asbestos consultant will walk through the area and check for fragments and the like and ensure that pieces of asbestos such as walls and eaves have been removed successfully. In some states a licensed asbestos assessor is required to be used, particularly for friable asbestos removal work.

People may not enter the area where the asbestos removal took place until an Asbestos Clearance Certificate has been issued. During this time, any restrictions and barricades should remain in place until the final clearance certificate is issued.